16 Pieces Coin Ring Making Forging Balls, SourceTon Stainless Steel Balls Assortment of 3/4 Inch, 5/8 Inch, 9/16 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 7/16 Inch, 3/8 Inch, 5/16 Inch and 1/4 Inch




  • 304 STAINLESS STEEL- Our coin ring balls are made of 304 stainless steel, hard, durable and never rusty.
  • MOST POPULAR SIZES- The package includes 8 sizes of Forging Balls: 3/ 4 inch, 5/ 8 inch, 9/ 16 inch, 1/ 2 inch, 7/ 16 inch, 3/ 8 inch, 5/ 16 inch and 1/ 4 inch, each size for 1 piece, meet you different needs.
  • SMOOTH SURFACE- The surface of steel balls are round and smooth made by high precision machine.
  • GREAT FOR MAKING COIN RING- The coin ring balls can be widely applied, especially for forging coin ring.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES- There are 8 sizes of Forging Balls and 2 pieces for each sizes in the package.
Product Description:

Made of solid and durable stainless steel,smooth surface and not rust,great for making coin rings or monkey fist;The package includes 8 size:3/4 inch,5/8 inch,9/16 inch,1/2 inch,7/16 inch,3/8 inch,5/16 inch and 1/4 inch,each size for 2 pieces,meet you different needs.
Product Specifications:

Material:304 Stainless Steel
Size:3/4 inch,5/8 inch,9/16 inch,1/2 inch,7/16 inch,3/8 inch,5/16 inch and 1/4 inch
Package Includes:

-2xCoin Ring Ball 3/4 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 5/8 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 9/16 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 1/2 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 7/16 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 3/8 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 5/16 inch
-2xCoin Ring Ball 1/4 inch