4cm Natural Citrine Calcite Quartz Crystal Sphere Citrine Ball Healing Gemstone +Wooden Stand




  • 【MATERIAL AND SIDE】:100% Natural Citrine and Wooden Stand. The diameter of the Natural Citrine ball is about 40 mm/ 1.57 inches. It might slightly vary in size, shape and texture for natural crystal.
  • 【MAGICAL POWER】:It is can be used as Healing Stones, best for healing, positive energy, reiki, meditation, peace of mind, perfect for crystal meditations and chakra balancing.
  • 【GREAT TOOL】:It is also thought to be a great tool for fortune telling and divination. Inspire feelings of love, romance and affection. Helps sleep. Healing Power, Perfect for Home and Office Decor.
  • 【WONDERFUL GIFT】:A wonderful gift for your love, friends, families or crystal collectors.
  • 【AFTER SALE】:If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, please feel free to contact us ,we’ll immediately solve your problem for you.
Natural Crystal Ball Features

1.Natural crystal ball with out any defects inside, looks perfectly Beautiful.
2.The crystal ball symbol of success,The symbol of the super power.Great Fengshui decoration for home.
3.Crystal ball can enhance a person’s faith, confidence and determination. Enables a person to let go of striding towards the highest goal.
Will give people the courage and help others to conquer and complete the so-called “impossible dream”.
Bring fortune for entrepreneurs, to enhance self-confidence, decoration firm faith, has absorbed the surrounding magnetic field,reduce the effect of radiation.

Diameter: 1.57in/40mm(Crystal Ball)
Material: Natural Citrine

Package Contents:
1 * Crystal Ball
1 * wooden stand