83mm 715g Polished Shungite Sphere Natural Black Carbon Gemstone Crystal Mineral Specimen Ball from Russia + Stand




  • You will receive exactly this Large Black Shungite Sphere – 83mm / 3 1/4 Inches Diameter; 715g / 25.2 oz / 1.6 lb (see photo, the photos are taken under bright light, stand included)!
  • Shungite is a black stone made mostly of carbon, the same element that forms both graphite and diamonds. Its high carbon content is what gives it its distinctive light-sucking black colour, but unlike graphite, it is lustrous, and some high-quality examples have a silver reflect. It was discovered in the village of Shunga, in Russia, which is where it gets its name.
  • Shungite is elementary noncrystalline carbon with a metastable structure incapable of graphitization, it is also used as a term to describe a sequence of metamorphic rocks from the Karelia region of Russia containing such carbon. It’s exactly because of the unique structure and composition of shungite that this rock possesses sorption, catalytic, bactericide properties, biological activity, ability to absorb and neutralize high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
  • One more unusual property of the stone shungite is its electric conductivity. This stone conducts electric current. One of the most widespread ways of checking that shungite is genuine is checking the electric conductivity of a sample with the help of a lamp and a battery bound into an electrical circuit. The main component of shungite is carbon C60. Its content in the rock may reach 99%.
  • (The above information is provided solely for informational purpose. Kindly note that all stones are offered for decorative purposes only. Please, handle your stones with great care, do not grind or crumble them, do not dip or add them into your food or drink, do not use any parts of them in any elixirs, potions, lotions etc. Always make sure you wash your hands before and after working with your crystals.)
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