Active Mini Chembuster – Health & Wealth model



The ‘Active’ mini Chembuster has a clear Inner Sources Lemurian Crystal in the middle with a moebius coil (a so called Succor Punch (SP) Crystal), to boost the energy field of the orgone matrix and to amplify the metaphysical properties of the crystals and (gem)stones. The SP Crystal is surrounded by 6 copper pipes (15mm) with herkimer diamonds inside. The orgone matrix consists of different metal parts and crystal powders (aluminium, bronze, brass, copper, iron, black tourmaline, kyanite, peridot, rose quartz, selenite, shungit, etc.). In the bottom of the mini Chembuster base, I used a special north poled neodymium magnet with copper wired Quartz Crystals and two big copper SBB coils. The coils are based on the Royal, Lost and Empowerment Cubit lengths, so the Active mini Chembuster also resonates on 144Mhz, 177Mhz and 188 Mhz. With the included micro to mini-jack plug you could also send other frequencies to the Chembuster by using your smartphone, tablet or PC (for example the Solveggio frequencies). For the metaphysical properties of the stones and Crystals, you could check or The Active mini Chembuster is designed for indoor use and is also available in all the other Chembuster models or you can make a custom request if you would like to have other (gem)stones and Crystals in it. All mini Chembusters are hand-made Dutch Art and are made to order.