All Natural 24pcs Multi-color 25mm Gemstone Oval Cab Cabochon For Jewelry Making




  • QTY: 24pcs Randomly Mixed , All natural materials, none of them is lab created
  • Cabochon Size: 25mm (1 inch) Height, 18mm Wide, Cabochon Thickess: 7mm to 10mm
  • Not all of them from same supplier, so thickness is varies, most cabochon has 7 to 8mm thick.
  • Well polished, sized, shaped, flat on backside, good for setting
  • We defined each material in description, pls read it compare with the 2nd picture. so you may know what stone you got. If any of them you got is defective or broken in transit, pls contact us for a partial refund or replacement.
You will receive 24 materials in below ones, no duplicate
(1a). Snowflake Obsidian, (1b).Crazy Lace Agate, (1c). Red Tiger’s Eye(Heated),(1d).Red Agate(Heated),
(1e). Black Banded Agate, (1f). Red Banded Agate(Heated), (1g). Black Agate, (1h).Unakite,
(2a). Plum Blossom Jasper, (2b). Coral fossil Petoskey Stone, (2c). Rose Quartz,(2d). Chohua Jasper,
(2e).Chinese Painting Jasper, (2f). Rainforest Rhyolite Jasper, (2g).Picture Jasper,(2h).Strawberry Quartz,
(3a).Amethyst, (3b).Golden Obsidian, (3c).Mookaite Jasper, (3d). Kambaba Jasper,
(3e).Golden Blue Tiger’s Eye, (3f). White Jade, (3g).Golden Tiger’s Eye, (3h). Orange Aventurine,
(4a).Green Aventurine, (4b).Black Crazy Lace Agate, (4c).Blue Lace Agate, (4d).Red Aventurine,
(4e).White Howlite, (4f).Larvikite, (4g).Ocean Agate, (4h).Ruby Zoisite,
(5a).Matrix Rhodonite, (5b).Rainbow Fluorite, (5c).Australian Blood Jasper, (5d).Red River Jasper,
(5e).Sodalite, (5f).Picasso Jasper, (5g).Zebra Jasper, (5h).Red Jasper
(6a). Red Brecciated Jasper,(6b).Indian Agate,(6c).Ocean Jasper, (6d).Kiwi Jasper,
(6e).Moss Agate, (6f).Network Jasper, (6g).Wood Veins Jasper, (6h).Dalmatian Jasper