Amber Glass Empty Colloidal Silver Applicator 3-Pack, w/ 2oz Mist Sprayer, 1oz Nasal Sprayer, and 1/2oz Dropper




  • USP Type III empty Amber glass is the preferred storage material for Colloidal Silver and Essential Oils applications. Convenient, purse/pocket-sized amber glass combo-kit, featuring our highly-rated nasal pumps, and our new atomizer and dropper bottles, all designed to protect solutions like Colloidal Silver from excess sunlight.
  • Thick, almost unbreakable glass gives these items a nice feel in your hand.
  • Great for keeping extra solution at work, in your purse, on travel, at the gym and other places.
  • Consists of Snoot-tested and pharma-quality items: one empty 60ml (2oz) pump atomizer, one empty 30ml (1 oz) nasal pump sprayer, and one empty 15ml (1/2 oz) glass dropper.
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Eco-friendly, empty & refillable,recyclable packaging. TSA-compliant. Pharma-quality Amber Glass bottles with non-corrosive stainless steel pump components. Each sprayer comes with a clear protective cap. Fill with Snoot! Nasal Cleanser or your own solutions.