Amber Glass Empty Oral, Ear & Throat Swivel Sprayer 2-Pack for Colloidal Silver & Water Based Solutions 30ml (1oz)




  • Amber glass bottles are the preferred storage material for Colloidal Silver applications or other water based solutions. Convenient, purse/pocket-sized amber glass bottles with spray pumps, designed to protect solutions like Colloidal Silver and Snoot Nasal Cleanser from excess sunlight.
  • These handy oral/ear/throat sprayers have a swiveling tip for targeted spraying of the mouth and back of throat and great for spraying into the ear (can be used nasally as well, or to spray other parts of the body)
  • NOTE: these are EMPTY replacement SPRAYERS, and do not include any Snoot! Cleanser ingredients.
  • Consists of two (2) EMPTY 30ml (1 oz) glass bottles with pump sprayers, each with an approximate .1ml spray volume per pump.
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Both sprayers have a swiveling oral tip (can be used nasally, in the ear or throat too) Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. TSA-compliant. Pharma-quality, non-corrosive stainless steel pump components. These are EMPTY to be used with your own solutions or Snoot! Spray refills. If sprayer assembly disconnects from the bottle during transit, simply remove the travel clip and snap the sprayer top back into place. May be used with highly emulsified essential oils – meaning a higher ration of water to oils. If oils are too thick, these sprayers may stick intermittently.