Angel Water Bottle, Crystal Gemstone Elixir Water Bottle Healing Crystal Energy Drink for Rose All Day and Wellness with Protective Sleeve and Crystal Angel (Opal Angel)




  • The healing crystal energer bottle height is about 10*2.5*2.5inches (260*65*65mm). Volume: 550ml, 20oz. Each crystal is one of a kind and may vary in color and size. Angel size: about 7.5cm * 4.7cm * 2.1cm(2.95in*1.85in*0.83in), weight: about 80g
  • The crystal water bottle with all-natural Quartz Crystal Points healing stones that holistically charge water for greater energy and rejuvenation.
  • 100% Natural quartz crystal rock stone healing. You can contact customer service to select almost all kinds of natural crystals.
  • Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth. It is good gift for your friends,families.
  • Quartz Crystal Point: Yellow/blue/red/white smelting,fluorite, smoky (brown)/clear/rose quartz/citrine(yellow creastly), tiger’s eye,lapis lazuli,firework stone,dream amethyst,labradorite, amethyst,clear citrine.

Size: 10*2.5*2.5inches (260*65*65mm)
Volume: 550ml/20 OZ
Weight: 490-500g

All Quartz Crystal Angel & Wand are handmade in natural crystals Aling your chakras with crystal infused quartz crystal water symbolizes connection. Releases toxic emotion and energies, strengthens connection with your relationships, cleanses fear, manifests self-love, compassion and forgiveness.

Its energy is emitted from the top tip straightly,called “generator”,if its weight is enough,will be emitted continuously ,forming a strong energy field from the center point,like a swirl, is the best house treasure, help people improve the Body.

Function: Stone generator, enery generator, reiki wand spirituality growth