Bronze Powder 325-mesh 1lb – Use for Cold Casting and Inlay Work




  • Pure bronze powder.
  • cold casting, foundry casting. bronze status
  • It is a fine grade of 325 mesh, the correct fineness for cold casting
This is a fine grade of 325 mesh the correct fineness for cold casting. Bronze or other metallic powder is added to polyester resin, polyurethane resin (such as KastEZ or AquaClear resin – see below), epoxy, gypsum cement or other binders. Small objects are cast and cured in suitable molds. To conserve metal when casting large pieces you can dust (salt) the mold surface, brush a thin coating on the surface, spread or roll the metal on or spray a thin coating. The mold is then back filled with resin or fiberglass, iron or steel shot, sand or calcium carbonate to increase the weight to give it the heft and feel of a hot foundry ‘pour.’