Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution

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Is the 5G cellphone network harmful? Which type of lightbulb emits the most minimal electromagnetic field? Do cellphones increase cancer risk? Find the answers to these questions and separate fact from fiction by learning the science of EMFs.

“Brandon LaGreca has done an extraordinary job of articulating the science underlying the EMF health effects issue, the different types of EMFs that are ubiquitous in our world, and the many steps that we can take to begin cleaning up our electromagnetic environment.”
–Charles Keen, EMF Services, LLC

Bonus afterword content: Find out what questions to ask when hiring an EMF inspector, which providers to avoid, and how to select the best meter for testing a home or office yourself.

Cancer and EMF Radiation details the science showing DNA damage from nonionizing EMFs, mechanisms of action leading to cancer formation from EMF exposure, and practical strategies to protect you and your family.

Four corroborating lines of evidence suggest EMFs are a far more significant risk factor for the development of a number of cancers than previously thought:

  • Experimental research showing DNA damage from EMF exposure
  • Long-term epidemiological studies on cancer development from EMF exposure
  • Mechanistic research on the effects of EMFs on melatonin and calcium channels
  • Research from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program documenting “clear evidence” of increased cancer growth from EMF radiation in animal models

Learn about these sources of EMFs:

  • Microwave radiation–radiofrequency fields from mobile phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi networks
  • Low-frequency EMFs–AC electric and magnetic fields from household wiring and connected devices
  • Voltage transients–higher-frequency harmonics in the electrical grid known as dirty electricity

Protect yourself and your family from EMFs with three practical and actionable strategies:
1. Avoid: Properly measure EMFs to determine safe exposure.
2. Remediate: Change lighting and alter electrical circuits to remove voltage transients.
3. Shield: Employ technologies that effectively block EMF transmission into the body.