CHARGED Faceted Natural Amplifier Clear Quartz Crystal Perfect Pendant + 20″ Silver Chain + Selenite Charging Crystal Included


CHARGED Faceted Natural Amplifier Clear Quartz Crystal Perfect Pendant + 20″ Silver Chain + Selenite Charging Crystal Included





  • NOTE: They run from a Water Clear to Slightly Cloudy, some may have internal inclusions (small cracks) that cast rainbows in the sunlight. Amazon will choose her at random for You. Each Faceted Amplifier Natural Clear Quartz Point Pendant & Silver Necklace set comes with a Selenite CHARGING Crystal to keep it charged while waiting for you to bring her home.
  • CHARGED & Cleansed on Selenite Heart Crystal Logs. Faceted Amplifier Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant Size: 1.25 – 2 inches (some variance due to natural product). 20 inch Silver-plated Snake Chain [INCLUDED]!
  • Your Faceted Amplifier Natural Clear Quartz Polished Crystal Pendant Comes Packaged in an eco-friendly ZenergyGems Jewelry Gift Box with a Comfy Cotton Bed!
  • IMPORTANT The Charged Faceted Amplifier Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Pendants described in this listing, are only available from ZenergyGems and fulfilled by WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children under 5 years of age!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back! You will love her & she will love you back!
New & Exclusive to Zenergy Gems!

You will receive one Faceted Amplifier Natural Clear Quartz Pendant + 20″ Silver Chain & a Selenite Charging Crystal from the EXACT lot shown (see all the photos)!

Much like a Diamond, no two Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Pendants are the same. They all have character, some have internal inclusions that look like clouds. No need to worry as these are all individual characteristics that mark the fingerprint of the Master Creator on your Pendant. Do not be concerned.

Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) & Metaphysical Value of Amplifier Clear Quartz Crystals:*** Amplifier Clear Quartz is known for its ability to amplify Body, Thought, & Healing Energy. It’s commonly known as the most versatile multipurpose metaphysical crystal (besides Selenite). Energy Healers agree that it is easy to cleanse, store information & energy in. It is also commonly believed to have the ability to be programmed with intention.

Metaphysical practitioners say that it works with all Chakras for balancing, cleansing & healing and they use it to amplify both body energy & thought energy.

Amplifier Quartz has a natural tendency for harmony and is commonly considered the “Stone of Power”. It’s believed that Amplifier Clear Quartz can also teach us that actions follow thought & where focus goes, so does manifestation.

Amplifier Quartz acts as a purifier & each Quartz crystal tunes into the frequency of the individual working with it & when multiple crystals are used in unison can form a synergistic tool for transformation.

Amplifier Quartz can be used in conjunction with any other crystals or gemstones for specific physical problems & will serve as an amplifier of the properties of the crystals it is paired with

***PLEASE NOTE: No federal agencies endorse or support any of these claims or beliefs. We do not guarantee any claims of benefit from the crystals we sell, but do guarantee their quality and your satisfaction