Colloidal Silver Generator Economy Kit AC Version




  • Colloidal Silver Generator
  • Current Limiting AC Power Adapter – No need for batteries
  • 2 – 6″ 12 Gauge Wires Included
  • TDS Meter
  • Storage Bag and Wire Scrubber
Our Economy Colloidal Silver Generator is a very inexpensive way to make colloidal silver in any location. This unit comes with wires that have alligator clips on one end, and a plug in AC adapter. A current limiting resistor is inline on the positive wire. This limits the amount of current to the silver wires. Without it, it would make particles too large for optimum use. The piece of poly carbonate holds two 6″ 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver wires. The scrubbing pad cleans the silver wire without removing an excess amount of silver. We also include a TDS meter to measure how many PPM are in your batch. The two 6″ 99.99% pure silver wires will make hundreds of gallons of colloidal silver. All you need is a clean glass jar and distilled water and you are ready to make colloidal silver with our Economy Colloidal Silver Generator.

Our Economy Colloidal Silver Generator AC Kit Includes:
* Plug in adapter with alligator clips on the end with inline current limiting resistor. ( Resistor limits the current so the silver is not stripped off the wire too fast. Takes more time but this keeps silver particles smaller)
* 1 – 6″ Poly carbonate wire holder – Sits on top of your glass container.
* 2 – 6″ 12 gauge 99.99% Pure Silver Wire,
* 1 – Scrubbing Pad,
* 1 – TDS Meter with Temperature Readings ( No guesswork or depending on time tables. Every batch is different. It may take more or less time from one day to another)
* 1 – Cumberland Concepts water resistant carry bag.
* Instructions.
* Assay report showing silver wires are 99.99% pure (9999 pure silver wire is 10X as pure as 999)