Colloidal Silver Generator. Everything You Need, with Full Support! Includes .9999 Silver!



Hi! I’ve put together a simple Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator for you. I have been using and making Colloidal Silver myself for years and wanted to help others get started without breaking the bank. 
In the kit you will find everything needed to start making Ionic Colloidal Silver. The same as in most store bought brands. 
 The Kit Includes: 2 – 6 inch pieces of 12-ga .9999 (99.99%) Silver Wire , Power Source (UL Listed) , TDS Meter w Case(for checking purity of distilled water), Laser Pointer (To observe Tyndall effect of finished cs) , Cleaning Pad (Color will vary) , A few Filters (For optional filtering) , Carrying Case (Color will vary) , Simple Directions
 , 5″ Plexiglass Lid. **Beaker Pictured Not Included**. All you will need to provide is Distilled water and a Jar to brew in. Your kit ships very fast via USPS Priority Mail at no extra cost to you.
 And you will also have Continuous Support via email or my Facebook Group, “Colloidal Silver Beginners”. If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to ask.
 Thank You,
 Cheers! Disclaimer. I am not a doctor. I am simply here to help you get started making Colloidal Silver. The information given should always be checked and researched individually. Any claims are not verified and should not be taken as medical advice. Nor are they FDA approved, or tested. That being said, I’ve seen what Colloidal Silver can do, and fully believe in its ability to heal. To Health!