Elixir2Go Crystal Elixir Water Bottle – 16 ounce Shatter Resistant Glass Gemstone Water Bottle for Making Gemwater – Includes Gemstones and Neoprene Sleeve (Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz)




  • 💖 THE ORIGINAL INDIRECT-METHOD GEMWATER BOTTLE that allows you to use any gemstones of your choosing. No need for additional gempods or other accessories! When you buy a Gemstone Well Elixir2Go you get the pride of owning a beautiful brand-name crystal water bottle invented by the pioneers, not a cheap knockoff.
  • 💖 MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT! The crystal healing enthusiast in your life will love drinking gem tonic every day and coming up with their own special recipes. Includes the original brand-name Elixir2Go bottle from Gemstone Well, a set of high quality tumbled gemstones, protective neoprene carrying sleeve, instruction pamphlet, and lifetime warranty!
  • 💖 PERFECT FOR EXPLORING CRYSTAL ELIXIRS and crystal infusion – The gem chamber is separated from the water chamber by a glass wall, allowing you to use any stones you like, not just the few that can safely touch water. Freely swap them out, and never worry about stones releasing toxins into your water!
  • 💖 WON’T LEAK! SHATTER RESISTANT DESIGN WITH HIGH-QUALITY CRYSTALS – Made of thick, high-quality lead-free borosilicate glass and a design that will never leak! Your water is always being charged with pure crystal essence, and the portable bottle makes it easy to drink water throughout the day.
  • 💖 UNBEATABLE MANUFACTURER’S LIFETIME WARRANTY – Remember, you get what you pay for! Nothing is worse than spending money on a glass water bottle and then breaking it. But if you ever break your Elixir2Go bottle, Gemstone Well will replace it for you! Buy it once, use it for life!

You’re an adventurer…an explorer…an experimenter…a free spirit. You ask questions and make new discoveries.

Now, with the Elixir2Go bottle from Gemstone Well, you can take the next step on your crystal healing journey. What will you experience and discover? The answer is up to you, and the Elixir2Go is just the thing you were needing!

For centuries, world civilizations have recognized the healing properties of crystal energy. The practice of making crystal elixir by placing gemstones in or near your drinking water is nothing new.

But making crystal elixir hasn’t been easy…until now. Sure, you could drop crystals directly into your drinking water, but that’s dangerous. Many gemstones release toxins. Or you could set gemstones near your drinking water, but there was no good way to take them with you.

Then along came gemwater bottles, and they were a wonderful idea! But they’re expensive. Or made of plastic (chemicals and environmental damage, yuck). And they leak. And you can’t change out the crystals without purchasing additional accessories.

At Gemstone Well, we believe that making your own crystal healing discoveries shouldn’t be hard or expensive! That’s why we invented the Elixir2Go bottle, the world’s first indirect-method crystal elixir bottle that lets you use any crystal mixture of your choosing!

  • ✔ Made of high-quality, lead-free, borosilicate glass
  • ✔ Easily unscrew the gem chamber cover and swap out the crystals
  • ✔ No leaks, because the bottom of the water chamber is solid glass
  • ✔ Easily carry your bottle and prevent scratches with the protective neoprene sleeve
  • ✔ Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Join our thousands of happy customers and try the Elixir2Go today! If you’re like many of our customers, you’ll be back soon to buy one for all your friends as well!