EMF Protection Orgone Pendant Black Tourmaline Necklace – Psychic Healing Orgone Energy Generator Tourmaline Crystal Orgonite Pendant – Chakra Balancing Negative Entity Protection Meditation



Orgone Energy represents protective universal energy or vital energy on earth. Orgone also referred to as Reiki, Chi, Prana, Aether. Orgonite accumulator first introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Our Orgone Necklace works similarly like his accumulator. Orgonite Pendant aids to balance energy fields and strengthening your body by converting the low frequency into higher frequency energy. Beneficial for all life forms including yourself, your pets and plants.

Healing properties of Black Tourmaline Crystals Orgonite Pendant-

EMF RADIATION PROTECTION– Our Energy Generator Orgonite Pendant designed to work as Tower Buster and blocks EMF radiation to protects you hazardous electronic smog emitted from your electronic devices.

SPIRITUAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL GROWTH– Black Tourmaline active and balance body energy flow with boost your inner psychological growth and harness spiritual intuition.

GROUNDING ENERGY – Matrix of Orgone Accumulator pendant catch positive earth grounding energy help to boost you and other living species growth with a healthy blessing.

ANXIETY RELIEF – Orgonite Black Tourmaline release vibration energy that helps balance excessive anger or fear, and emotional, physical or verbal abuse.

MEDITATION CRYSTAL– Black Tourmaline is an excellent natural crystal for meditation and the awakening of spirituality and inner abilities.

ORGONITE POSITIVE ENERGY– Hold or Set your Orgone kit in your place and feel the infinite amount of Orgonite Positive Energy.

Get It Now and feel the Orgone energy- to keep your surrounding more Positive, Confidence and Stay Blessed!