EuTengHao 225Pcs DIY Jewelry Silicone Casting Molds Tools Set Contains 9 Silicone Resin Jewelry Molds,2 Necklace Pendant Resin Molds,1 Earring Silicone Mold,Diamonds Mold,Bear Claw Mold,Sphere Mold

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  • Package contains with various shapes: 225 pieces in total, include 9 x jewelry silicone casting molds (assorted styles), 5 x plastic stirrer, 5 x plastic dropper, 5 x plastic spoon, 1 x hand twist drill (include 2 pieces twist bits), 100 x screw golden eye pins and 100 x screw silver eye pins.
  • The Jewelry silicone casting molds includes 1x large cabochons gem necklace jewelry silicone mold, 2x necklace resin casting mold, 1x sphere silicone mold, 1x key pendant resin casting mold, 1x earring silicone mold, 1x resin bracelet mold, 1 x diamond resin mold and 1x bear claw mold. There are more than 100 various designs of resin molds include star shape, round shape, heart shape, letter, cubic shape, bracelet shape and bear shape, allow you to DIY your jewelry in different shapes easily.
  • How to use: Pour the dropping glue into the cup and then into the mould. Dropping gum into the mold to be flat, and then cover the mold with a shield to avoid dust falling into. Wait for the dripping glue to be completely dry, then take out the articles, and polish the parts that need to be polished until smooth.
  • High quality silicone resin jewelry molds material of silicone, which is flexible and smooth. Screw eye pins are made of metal alloy, stirrers, droppers and spoons are made of quality plastic, hand twist drill is made of stainless steel.
  • This re-usable resin casting mold set is a good choice for you to share your handicraft with your friends and family, enjoy your happy times together, and it would make a perfect gift for any of the crafty people in your life. Note: The maximum temperature of the molds can withstand is 220℃ (428℉). 

225 PCS Jewelry Mold

The kit can be applied to DIY different handicrafts and jewelry, such as key chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants,bracelets, etc., so that you can make special gifts for friends or family to show your love.

Use various tools to help you make crafts more easily. Metal twist drills can be easily drilled. Plastic stirrers can stir glue. Plastic spoons allow you to easily fill powders. Plastic droppers can help you with liquids.

The Jewelry Mold Includes

9 x jewelry mold (assorted styles)

5 x plastic stirrer

5 x plastic dropper

5 x plastic spoon

1 x hand twist drill (include 2 pieces twist bits)

100 x screw golden eye pins

100 x screw silver eye pins.

Wide application

A good choice for DIY handicrafts for key chain, pendant,necklace, it will be a special and meaningful gift for your family,children,friends

How to clean

Please clean the resin casting molds with rubbing alcohol ,and use soft cloth to wipe clean.

How to store

Please store the resin jewelry molds away from direct sunlight and dust.