Fantasia Materials: 1 lb Labradorite Rough Stones from Madagascar


Fantasia Materials: 1 lb Labradorite Rough Stones from Madagascar




  • Naturally Earth Mined Labradorite Stones
  • The average size for most stones received are between 1″ to 1.5″ each.
  • The Fantasia brand is from Fantasia Mining which is an AMERICAN COMPANY located in Massillon Ohio.
  • Each stone is unique and you will receive stones that look similar to our images. (stones pictured wet)
  • 100% Authentic Fantasia Stones – A USA Brand Trusted Worldwide
The Fantasia brand of Labradorite rough is 100% natural and imported by the ton directly from our partner mine in Madagascar to Fantasia Mining’s 90,000 square foot warehouse in Ohio.

Stone Size: 1″ to 1.5″ per piece average.
Pieces per lb: 13 to 25
Color: Grey with Blue/Yellow Flash

The sizes, pieces per lb, and colors are averages over thousands of pounds of this material. It is possible to get pieces outside of the size range listed or with other variances in shapes, color shades, patterns, clarity, translucency, number of pieces or other characteristics which can vary each time natural stones are mined. These stones are perfect for tumbling, polishing, cabbing, cutting, wire wrapping or keeping in their natural form as a specimen.

VERY IMPORTANT: Labradorite by nature reflects colors with a prism effect (labradorescence) when both fractured and viewed from certain angles. Many pieces received will only show this effect after they have been cabbed, tumbled or polished. All pictures were taken with the material turned to the correct angles to show this effect and allow you to see the material’s true potenial. This is rough natural material which means you are receiving it exactly how it came out of the ground. All pictures were taken with the stones being wet which helps to show the materials true colors and clarity. It may not have the same appearance when dry unless it has been polished, tumbled, cabbed or worked in some way. On rare occasion some pieces may also have a sawn edge due to the way it is extracted from the earth.

Scientific Properties:
Group: Silicate: Feldspar (plagioclase)
Chemical Formula: (Ca,Na)Al(Al,Si)Si2O8Ab30-An70
Specific Gravity: 2.68 – 2.74
Moh’s Hardness: 6.0 – 6.5
Refractive Index: 1.559 – 1.570

Metaphysical Properties:
Primary Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Astrological Sign(s): Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo
Vibration Number: 6,7