Harmoniser Balls polished 40 mm Shungite & Tulikivi (Talkhorite)




  • Harmonizers are used for different purposes. Their main function is the correction of all body systems and the recovery of physical and mental health. Shungite harmonizers are manufactured in a variety of shapes. Harmonisers balls are small and light. You may always carry the harmonizers thanks to their small size.
  • one of the minerals (corresponding to Yin) is a shungite. The second one (Yang) may be made of various materials – soapstone, nephrite. Their aim may be to activate certain organs as well as the whole body. Harmonizers are also used for energy balance correction. The use of harmonizers contributes to the improvement of human body’s abilities of self-regulation.
  • Shungite as a material for harmonizers has been chosen on purpose. Shungite possesses unique protective and regulating properties – it is used to protect against electromagnetic radiation, to treat many illnesses, to normalize the activities of the body systems
  • With the help of harmonizers, it is possible to constantly influence the active points of the body, to get rid of nervous tension, cure headaches, to set yourself in a positive attitude to life. Harmonizers are capable of having a universal cautious effect on the body, being notable for the ease of use. Shungite harmonizers suit anybody regardless of age or health status.
  • Even our ancestors were aware of the shungite healing power. The special structure of the harmonizers makes it possible to maintain physical and psychological health with little effort, saving money and time.
Harmonizers cylindrical stone are a powerful tool recharging, to achieve harmony of body and spirit. Cylindrical harmonizers often called “Cylinders of the Pharaoh” and considered as two power poles: the yin (left) and Yang (right). With the help of cylinders in the body receives energy, cleansing the body and strengthens the aura of a person – his protective, invisible to the naked eye field. The cylinder shungit (Black) to keep in the left hand cylinder soapstone – on the right. During the session, you must relax sitting uncrossed legs, put both hands on compressed in cylinders on their knees and keep them parallel to each other. To enhance the effect of the whole recommended focusing on the sensations, close your eyes and get away from all extraneous thoughts. Duration of treatment is individual. Start with 3 – 5 minutes, gradually leading up to 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to use cylinders twice daily (morning and evening) for two weeks, followed by a break of one month.