Heka Naturals Shungite Mobile Phone Plates, Anti-Radiation Stickers Made of Shungite for EMF Protection to Use on Your Mobile Phone and Other Electronic Devices | Adhesive Plate (Circle)




  • Shungite for Phone, these adhesive plates are cost effective and 100% natural protection against EMF radiation and other harmful influences caused by using mobile phones
  • SIZE Circle Phone Sticker 2.5 cm (1 inch) diameter, 0.3 cm (0.1 inch) thick
  • PROTECTION FROM THE MOST COMMON EMF SOURCE Shungite mobile phone plate can reduce and block the harmful EMF generated by our mobile phones. Shungite is a cost effective and 100% natural EMF protector.
  • HOW EMF PROTECTION WORKS Shungite contains a unique structure called fullerenes which is what gives it the ability to transform EMF radiation into more biologically compatible energy
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Shungite sourced from Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia

Shungite in History

Shungite is an ancient natural rock formation (2 billion years old) that has an unusual composition and structure. It has unique properties and is only found in the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, Russia. People in the region have always used Shungite in their water and seen its benefits for centuries without fully understanding the reason why.

Science of Shungite

Shungite has been proven in laboratory tests to be 30 times more effective than carbon in removing harmful substances from water. This includes substances such as heavy metals and other contaminants often found in drinking water.

Another exciting discovery about Shungite in recent years was that it contains pure carbon atoms called “”fullerenes””, these are soccer ball like molecules that give this stone its absorbing, neutralizing, antioxidant and purifying properties. These unique molecules are also what scientists believe give Shungite the ability to protect from EMF radiation.

Elite Noble Type I

Contains between 95% to 100% carbon. This is the purest type of Shungite. Elite Shungite is very fragile which is why it can’t be shaped.

Regular Shungite Type II

Contains 35% to 80% carbon. All shaped objects like pyramids or jewelry are made of Regular Shungite.

There are other types of Shungite with less carbon content, therefore Type I and II are the ones used for home and personal protection.

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