High Shungite Pyramid (1,97″, 5cm) Stone Top Quality Gemstone EMF Protection Home Decor Gift Decoration Crafts Chakra Healing Crystal Reiki




  • Polished shungite pyramid has lenght of base 1,97″. Height (approx.) 3.94″
  • Mirror effect polishing!!!
  • This pyramid made only of original shungite ( Grade 2) of Zazhoginsky deposit (Karelia, Russia). Mirror effect polishing.
  • It can be wonderful souvenir on your office desk. In free time you can use it for effective massage of acupuncture points of the hands to release you from some stress and tiredness. The shungite pyramid is not only an original souvenir but also a protective tool against harmful electromagnetic radiation, harmonizing the human biological field.
  • The pyramid packed in a bubble wrap and postal package. See video https://youtu.be/1ZC-ZshYMUQ
The properties and uniqueness of shungite. First of all, shungite is unique in terms of its composition. It’s by the composition and structure that scientists explain its useful properties. The main component of shungite is carbon C60. Its content in the rock may reach 99%. Beside carbon, the mineral’s composition also includes SiO2 (57,0%), TiO2(0,2%), Al2O3 (4,0%), FeO (2,5%), MgO (1,2%), К2О(1,5%), and S (1,2%). The age of the mineral is surprising. Researchers have established that the age of shungite is about 2 billion years. Another amazing fact arises from the old age of the mineral: divisiveness of shungite’s origin. Scientists haven’t determined yet where did this mineral come from to our planet. Anyway, 2 billion years ago there were no forests on the planet Earth, from which coal later appeared, – only protobacteria existed then in the oxygenless environment. Shungite’s unusual structure is determined as non-crystalline metastable non-grafitizeable, globular, fullerene-like. The main component of this structure is a globule with the size of 100-300 A0 (10-30 nano meters) – a fullerene. Those compounds owe their names to the engineer and designer Richard Buckminster Fuller, who erected structures in the shape of bulbaceous bounded polyhendrons. The presence of nano particles – fullerenes – in shungite opens up the widest perspectives of its use. The uniqueness of the mineral is that, unlike diamond, graphites and carbine, a new form of carbon was detected it its composition – the C60 molecule contains fragments with five-fold symmetry (pentagons), which were not found in natural inorganic compounds before shungite. The fullerene molecule is an organic molecule, and a crystal formed by such molecules (fullerite) is a molecular crystal, which is a connecting link between the organic and inorganic substances.