Homipooty Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord Built-in with Replaceable Thermal Cutoff, Use Safely,Dimmer Original Replacement E12 UL-Listed with 2pcs of 15W Bulbs for Salt Lamp and Lighting Application




  • Built-in with Replaceable Fuse to keep your cord more safely, fire and explosion protection
  • Salt lamp original cord with dimmer switch can adjust the brightness according to you request
  • Cord measured 5 feet long with a E12, 15 watt flame type bulbs
  • our salt lamp cord is UL-listed
  • Easy to use and Butterfly Clip to Fit a Range of Hole Diameters
Size:Dimmer Cord

This Homipooty Lamp Cord is designed for salt lamps, selenite lamps, as well as other lighting applications.

Cord Features:

– Wire butterfly clip fits a range of hole diameters
– Cord is UL listed and CE certified
– Has a cord that is 5 Feet long with an attached E12 size socket. Made for 110V and 15W bulb
– Cord has a dimmer switch with a turn to adjust dial to give you maximum control over how much light you’d like

Warm tip:
For security and extend the bulb life reasons,it’s better not to keep your salt lamp working over 12 hours in maximum brightnes.If not,please try to use it in middle-low brightness with the dimmer switch.