JIC Gem 1 Lb Clear Natural Rough Crystal Quartz Points Healing Crystal Cluster




  • You will receive totally 1 Lb crystal Quartz Points.
  • Natural clear quartz.100% Natural from Brazil Mine.
  • Helps focus energy, activates. clear; transmits and transduces thoughts and energy
  • Can used for crystal degaussing,home decor crystal quartz .healing,meditation,crystal,quartz,energy
  • These are raw and unpolished points. One pound of crystal clear quartz points.The quantity of points you will receive depends on the size and weight of each point.
JIC Gem is proud to lunch this Crystal Points—Crystal Quartz. Each Pc is hand picked and good point to make Jewelry.
These points and crystal shards are natural clear quartz.
These are excellent for small crystal grids, offerings, medicine bags, and crafting.

About Crystal
Quartz Natural crystal clusters of strong magnetic field, can breathe freely, absorb the negative energy, home or office places, not only can ward off evil radiation, can also Mingmu clear fire, relieve pressure! Also played a significant role on the degaussing and purification of crystal jewelry!

Customer service
If you meet any problems after you receive it,please contact us first ,it will be reply within 24 hours .We’ll try our best to satisfy you.