Jovivi 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Mixed Natural Rough Raw Stones for Tumbling,Cabbing,Reiki Energy – 1.97″-2.16″




  • Stones are approximately 1.97″-2.16″ in size;Quantity:7pcs/pack;Weight:1.76 Pound(About 800 grams);Package in Elegant Gift Box and comes with JOVIVI Velvet Pouch, Great Gifts for Collecting!
  • Mix Rough Stones contains: Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Sodalite/Green Aventurine/Topaz/Red Aventurine/Red Jasper.
  • As the raw stones were mined in the rough so it is possible that some pieces are going to have a thin layer of dust on them and we recommend rinsing off the stones once they are received.All pictures were taken with the stones having been rinsed and they were taken with the stones being wet which helps to show the materials true colors and clarity.
  • Stones are natural and vary in size and shape.;Each stone is unique and yours will be similar to the stones in our image.
  • Excellent energy stone, positivity stone.Good for jewelry,resin,tumbling,mosaic,grids,glass fairy bottles,potted inlay wood works,medicine bags, decor, houseplants,crystal healing.Good for Health.Reduce electromagnetic radiation,and demagnetizing.Perfect gift for beginners or collect crystals.
The rough stones is owned by JOVIVI who care deeply about providing only the best quality and value with the most spectacular 100% natural stones on the market.

This rough stone mix was specially designed by JOVIVI to contain the perfect mix of colors, patterns, and beauty for our customers. We realize there are many stone mixes to choose from and JOVIVI has been very careful to create a captivating mix with only high quality stones that can be used for arts, crafts, home decor, decoration, tumbling, gem mining, lapidary, fountains, reiki and more. Once you have the stones in your hands the innovative thoughts for their uses just spring to mind!

In each set you will find all 7 of the following stone types: Amethyst,Clear Quartz,Sodalite,Green Aventurine,Topaz,Red Aventurine,Red Jasper. There are seven energy centers in the body that are known as the chakras. They are located along the spine and each has specific associations. Ultimately, to be a balanced and healthy person in mind, body, and spirit, all of the seven chakras should be open and in balance with each other and allowing energy to pass through them freely.
When the seven chakras are in balance, life feels good and all is as it should be. This small introduction to the seven chakras is just the start to that journey. 

Every stone is unique and you will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures. As natural earth mined stones they will vary in size, color, shape and patterning. While most stones are 1.97″ to 2.16″ it is possible to get smaller or larger stones as part of your order. We do our best to show these variations in our images to make sure you are thrilled with what you receive when ordering from JOVIVI.