Karelia Polished shungite harmonizers and talkohlorita harmonizers (Cylinders)




  • Diameter polished cylinder of 28 mm-32 mm. Length of 100-110 mm. The weight of 1 cylinder 240 g

Harmonization is a wonderful tool for recovery.

The harmonizers have a wide range of beneficial effects on the human body for insomnia, headaches, and also as a means for stress relief and the prevention of atherosclerosis.

From the point of view of bioenergetics, the harmonizers are considered as two energy post: inski — left (shungite) and the Yana — right (talkohlorita). On these pillars comes the energy, cleansing the body and strengthening the aura of a person — his protective, invisible field.

Shungite harmonizer should be in the left hand and talkohlorita the right. Small size pocket harmonizers allow you to wear them everywhere: in public transport, at work, in the classroom, etc.

Harmonizers are used:

  • To relieve fatigue, stress.
  • For the prevention of diseases, enhance the body resistance, restore vitality, enhance the overall tone.

Harmonizers help:

  • People living and working and environmental conditions, to compensate for the negative impact on the body.
  • People working in conditions of high responsibility, experiencing stressful situations and psychical overload, to relieve tension and fatigue.

It is not recommended to use the harmonizers with mental illness, pregnant women and children up to 12 years.