Karelian Heritage Elite Shungite Studs, Natural Black Shiny Stone Earrings for EMF Protection EA05




  • Regular shungite polished beads bracelet for energy healing
  • The earrings base is made of Zink metal alloy and is lead, nickel and cadmium free.
  • The earrings are made of raw elite shungite nuggets. The approximate weight of the pair is 5 gr (0.17 oz)
  • Attention! The pictures are shown for illustrative purposes only. Elite shungite is used in its raw shape, so the nuggets sizes and shapes can be different. Feel free to ask for the pictures of the items available.
  • Manufactured by Karelian Heritage Company and comes in original packaging with a business card
Authentic Karelian Shungite Earrings About Natural Shungite Earrings Apart from being attractive minimalist accessories, shungite earrings provide a powerful shield from EMR and other harmful influences. Due to a close location to brain and huge number of bioactive spots natural shungite earrings stimulate the whole body systems efficiency, release stress and increase productivity. About Noble Type I Shungite Type I shungite is called noble or elite shungite and it contains from 90 to 98 per cent of organic carbon in it. Elite shungite nuggets have shiny silvery surfaces and have a high energetic potential due to the high percentage of carbon. Elite shungite stones appear to be a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer. Besides, elite shungite has proven to have a powerful energetic field to help you keep your body and soul in harmony and you can use small elite shungite nuggets in order to make an energized shungite water to keep yourself healthy and balanced. Note! Buy directly from The Republic of Karelia where the only one deposit of genuine shungite is located. All the parcels have a tracking number and are properly packed to ensure the safety of your product.