Karseer Anxiety Bracelet Crystals Healing Stones Gold Tiger Eye Hematite Agate Beads Gemstones Therapy Tiger Spirit Animal Prayer Meditation Stretch Beaded Bracelet Gift, Unisex Charkra Bracelet




  • ✓ Tiger Mascot Gemstone Bracelet Jewelry ➤ Unique and Personalized. It’s filled with positive therapy energy, which can help to eliminate stress, fatigue and turbidity. And the bracelet is suitable for Yoga, meditation, praying or daily wearing. This elastic bracelet inner length is 6.7 inches, fitting average wrists of men and women. It looks great alone or accompanying other bracelets or watches.
  • ✓ Tiger Spirit Totem Animal ➤ Vintage Bronze is made from lead-free brass with vintage surface treating process, nickel free, cadmium free. The details of the surface are cubic zirconia micro-mosaic. The purple zircon as the eyes decoration shows the brave and confident. Tiger represents the ability to manage strong emotions more effectively, overcoming obstacles and fears, dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting yourself intuition and acting fast when needed.
  • ✓ Superior 8mm Natural Stone Beads ➤ The beads are connected by thin yellow string with strong elasticity. ✪Hematite: High-frequency energy healing stones with natural magnetism, which could harmonize mind and restore peace and harmony. ✪Onyx: As the powerful root chakra protection stone with strength, could increase the awareness of self-control and eliminate the negative energy. ✪Golden Tiger Eye: Shows the peculiarity and personality of the bracelets as an ornament.
  • ✓ Perfect Presents ➤ The wonderful big cat bracelet could be regarded as an elegant gift showing love, to comfort your family members, relatives, friends or darlings who meet difficulties. When Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries or parties coming, you can also leave some sincere messages or blessings on the provided card to show your best wish.
  • ✓ Trustable Brand ➤ The package including gift case, wiping cloth, message card and the hang-tag are marked with “Karseer” Logo, so that the high-quality item could be sent from Amazon Storage in a fast speed. The 180 Day’s Quality Guarantee make return and exchange easily. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us, because our warm service is more worthwhile than writing down complaints. At the same time, your appreciation could make difference to others.

When seeing this Tiger Head Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet, you may think it a bracelet for men. However, we design and create it without any definition of gender or age. As long as your wrist can wear a 7 inch regular-size bracelet, this will be a cool, beautiful, stylish and meaningful accessory. Whether wearing it in a separate, layered or an overlapping way could also be regarded as the excellent choice.

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Charming Theme

●The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage.

●Shadow or part of you that you would normally try to hide or reject.

●Aggression or anger directed at you or felt towards someone.

●Unpredictability in life, actions or feelings.

The Meanings of the Healing Stones:

The Healing stones will help you ~

√Improve Emotional stability;

√Bring Stress-free mind;

√Overcome depression;

√Absorb and transform the negative energy;

√Attract peace, harmony, and love to the family relationship.

You can ~

√Know the happenings of the surroundings;

√Focus on the work and avoid distractions;

√Find divinity in love and relationships;

√Overcome fear and get detached from worldly pleasures;

√Improve self-worth;

√Enhance the generosity and sympathy towards fellow creatures.