Keled Rocks Shungite Mens Pendant Necklaces Shadow Balance Double cord Choker Necklace Adjustable Black on Brown (illuminati)




  • Design: Solid and Stylish Pendant with a Strong and Adjustable Cord; Allow to Wear at Different Lengths and Easy to Get off.
  • Pendant Size about 1.2″ inch Length of the Cord is Adjustable ~ 16-28″ inch; Which is More Convenient for Daily Life.
  • Made of Quality Shungite Stones; Excellent Polished shungite rock wich Wax – Do not leave any marks on clothes and skin and retains all the properties of shungite stone.
  • Protect you and loved ones. The easiest way to get acquainted with shungite.
  • At the Keled Rocks we trust our shungite stones product and give your 90 days warranty and certificate of authenticity.