Lab Tested 120ppm Certified Pure Colloidal Silver by GOE (1 gallon) with free dropper bottle. Lab Report is in item pics.




  • 120 ppm (minimum) Pure Colloidal Silver. Top Rated Lab tested – see pictures. Question why if a seller can not prove contents.
  • 100% Pure & Natural 12x stronger than 10ppm colloidal silver & stabilized to not interfere with other supplements
  • Documented by FDA registered, DEA licensed, GMP Compliant Laboratory Analysis in listing pics at 130ppm.
  • Manufactured exclusively by Guardian Of Eden since 1983 – NOT homemade. This is REAL nano colloidal silver
  • Legit major company you can trust. Will never expire – store it for decades with no lose in strength
1 full gallon – 128 Fl Oz 120ppm (minimum) concentrated Pure Colloidal Silver made exclusively by Guardian Of Eden. Certified Laboratory Analysis – SEE listing pictures for the report. If a seller has no laboratory proof, how do they even know what they are selling? G.O.E. is the most respected natural health supplier since 1983. No worthless ingredients added to artificially inflate ppm level. 100% pure and natural nano silver atoms suspended in pure water. 12x stronger than 10ppm colloidal silver. ZERO contaminants. No added secret ingredients to artificially inflate ppm level like many others do. 100% pure and natural nano silver atoms suspended in pure water. Packaged in BPA-free Chemical Resistant plastic bottle. This is the most potent REAL colloidal silver you can buy at any price – with certified and registered laboratory analysis to prove it. Extremely discounted price for Amazon. Limited supply at this price.