LONGRN Copper Bracelet Used for Arthritis – a Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet with 6 Magnets for Men and Women to Effectively Relieve Joint Pain.




  • New
  • The bracelet is 99.9% pure copper and has six powerful magnets
  • ADJUSTABLE TO FIT MOST WRISTS for both men and women (6.5″)
  • DUAL PAIN MANAGEMENT for wrists and thumbs to help relieve and recover from some of the pains and symptoms associated with arthritis
Size: 1 bracelet
Do you want to feel comfortable in your joints?
This ensures that 99.9 percent of pure copper magnetic bracelets are your attempt (completely risk-free).
Magnets have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and are still used by many Chinese medicine practitioners. In Europe, magnets have also been used for more than 100 years, and many people claim that treating pain by using magnets can alleviate pain.
Copper has also been used for years to treat arthritis, joint pain, RSI, carpal tunnel and other symptoms.
The arthritis solution of the copper bracelet gives you the purest and finest bracelet in the market today. Our pure copper magnetic bracelet provides effective and natural non-invasive pain relief. These 6 therapeutic magnets are also strategically located near the wrist, as they are designed to help increase blood flow to nearby joints Nutrients such as iron and vitamin c are also thought to help balance the energy fields of the wrist and surrounding tissues.