MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection – Epoxy Resin Color Pigment – Mica Powder Set 100g




  • 2 TONE PIGMENT POWDER IN RESIN ART: This new generation of resin pigment builds a range of intense colors in several shades when mixed into epoxy resin crystal clear or UV resin. A mica powder base coated with Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide combines light interference with the light absorption of the added colorant. At the specular angle, the interference color is seen; at other angles the mass tone of the additional coating dominates. A particular epoxy color pigment resin artists prefer.
  • VERSATILE MICA PIGMENT COLOR SET – Since these mica-based pearlescent pigments are non-toxic and inert, they can be mixed into any clear medium and applied to any surface. Our unique color kit of mica powder for epoxy is great for coloring casting resin, clear epoxy resin, 2 part epoxy, food safe epoxy resin, wood epoxy, and ecopoxy. As well as many other arts and crafts mediums like polymer clay, embossing paste, screen ink, alcohol ink, acrylic pour paint, latex, automotive paint and more.
  • FREE PIGMENT PORTION GUIDE AS E-BONUS – A digital Pigment Portion Guide will be delivered to your inbox when purchasing this set of versatile pearl powders, with the right percentage of mica pigment powder to be used in all your creations and helpful tips and tricks from experienced crafters. Never waste too much of your powder pigment again! These big resealable bags containing 10g/0.35oz of each color pigment will last much longer if you use them wisely.
  • 100% NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY 🌎 NON-TOXIC & COSMETIC GRADE💄 VEGAN & NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS🐰 – The pigments in this color kit are cosmetic grade and FDA approved for makeup purposes such as lipstick, lip balm, eyeshadow, blush, and nail polish. MEYSPRING colors are 100% natural, safe for your skin and the environment containing no plastics or polluting ingredients at all. So you can safely color all kinds of healthy DIY projects worry-less, they are also vegan and cruelty free.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are so confident you’ll enjoy this gorgeous resin dye kit and their lovely special effects, that if for any reason you are not totally blown away with the “Two Tone Collection – Mica Powder Set” feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure you get a replacement or every penny back, no questions asked. It’s 100% risk-free!
We believe in creativity! It definitely plays a significant role in enhancing your well-being. Therefore our micas have been carefully selected to bloom both, your creations and yourself. A set of 10 luxury colors building a refined palette of warm and cool tones that will definitely boost your projects.

Since empowering creative and healthy lifestyles is our commitment, we offer the most versatile Two Tone pigment powders to color your projects with peace of mind. They are 100% safe!

All MEYSPRING pearl powders are:
✔ 100% natural & Eco-friendly
✔ Non-Toxic & Cosmetic Grade
✔ Vegan & No tested on Animals

✔ 10 Natural Mica Powders in resealable bags, 0.35 oz/10 grams each, 3.5 oz. (100g) a set.
✔ 1 Box to store all your pigments
✔ A Free Portion Guide as e-Bonus with the right mica powder proportions to be used in your creative projects and helpful tips and tricks from experienced crafters.

The results of this unique set of powdered pigments in epoxy resin pieces are just amazing. The final appearance of your arts & crafts projects will always depend on the viewing angle, resulting in a continually changing impression.

Please remember that all natural mica powders SHOULD BE USED WITH POLYSORBATE 80 to ensure stain-free bathtubs when making bath bombs!

Several micas in this set are unstable in the high ph of raw cold processed soap. Therefore we always recommend to test out a little bit of mica in a little bit of lye water to see if the color morphs or fades before coloring your entire batch. In melt and pour soap bases though, the colors don’t change.