Mica Powder Epoxy Resin Dye – 25 Mica Powder Pigments for Resin Set – Soap Dye Powder – Makeup Dye




  • RESIN DYE: This set contains 25 different colors 0.1 oz. each, of prime grade quality epoxy pigments. Fast melting powder is very convenient in use.
  • EPOXY RESIN: Dyeing resin is as easy as it can possibly be with the great variety of epoxy powder pigments for any DIY project.
  • RESIN COLOR PIGMENT: Can be widely used for decorating resin crafts, nail art, jewelry making, soap making and cosmetics.
  • SOAP MAKING MICA POWDER: Vegan soap dye powder is the top choice for making unique professional grade soap in the comfort of your home.
  • COSMETICS PIGMENT: Used throughout for creating makeup, lipstick, lip balm, chap stick, eye shadow, if applied in moderation.

Resin dye mica powder is organic and finely grinded stone, with added colorful pigments, which have a wide application, making them the top choice for epoxy resin jewelry. Epoxy pigment kit has 25 colors 0.1 Oz each, some of them are opaque and some are shimmery, which create the depth and shimmer effect to the desired end product.

Cosmetics pigment is used to create makeup, lipstick, chap stick and different epoxy resin jewelry. The rainbow powders are kids’ delight when it comes to finding a perfect kit for creating sparkly homemade projects.

Epoxy resin dye is a superb resin colorant as well as soap making fast melting dye, which does not migrate and keeps vivid contours, thus is ideally suitable for handmade soap creation. Does not work well for cold process soap making.

Our Resin pigment powders can be mixed with each other, so you can get all new colors and shades! You can mix different color resins right in the mold itself and get the effect you desire. Create real masterpieces with resin and our premium pigment for resin. Just follow the recommendations outlined in the instructions and you can easily implement any creative ideas.