Natural 6 inch Selenite Lamp Skyscraper Tower with LED Bulb and Crystals Healing




  • Large energy infused 6 inch Selenite Lamp Skyscraper Tower with LED light
  • Features a solid white selenite slab healing crystal for cleansing energy and eliminating negative energy
  • Selenite crystal measures on average 6 inches tall. Comes with LED Bulb and 5 ½ foot electric USB cord
  • Commonly used for meditation, healing, enhancements and other spiritual practices
  • Pictures are examples of what you will receive from our stock. Each piece is chosen at random. Comes with Beverly Oaks Selenite Certificate of Authenticity
Our Selenite is sourced directly from Morocco, where the highest quality mineral deposits are located. The crystal lamp is a great addition to your home and is the perfect gift for someone in need of balance in their life. Once you experience the power of Selenite crystal, you’ll know why it’s one of the most popular healing stones out there.

    Selenite crystal has many wonderful properties including:

  • Providing mental clarity for increased drive and productivity
  • Increasing self awareness to be better in tune with one’s self and environment
  • Balancing energy flow and removing blockages
  • Assists in accessing past lives
  • Allowing one to cleanse after being a negatively charged situation