Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Set of 2 Salt Lamps Dimmable Neem Wood Base Pink Crystal Large Salt Rock Lamp Rock Salt Lamp Natural Salt lamp Pink Salt lamp (2 Himalayan Salt Lamps)




  • NATURAL LIGHTING:- Khewra himalayan salt lamps / anxiety lamp provide a pure and natural source of light that provides positive and soothing effects for maximum relaxation. This is a natural gift in this modern era.
  • UNIQUE HAND MINED & HANDMADE LAMP:- Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are originated and hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.
  • HOME DÉCOR:- Natural Himalayan crystal salt on wood base with soothing and relaxing amber warm glow; perfect to decorate all your rooms.
  • BEST GIFT:- Himalayan Salt Lamps are best gift for Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Holidays, Birthdays, Mother’s Day Gift. Certain to brighten up your room and all of your loved ones.
  • MULTIPURPOSE:- It is unique and best home decor item great as night lights or decorative lights. Gently light up any space – home, office, or bedside. Their soft glow creates a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for mood lighting.
Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-6 lbs, Crystal Salt Lamps, Air Purifier, Real Wood Base with Dimmer Switch, Gift Lamp

The pink and orange hues are a beautiful natural attribute unique to the mineral concentration of Himalayan salt. A true salt lamp is prone to some ‘sweating’ when exposed to moisture, as salt is naturally hygroscopic (attracting moisture). We recommend keeping your lamp turned on now and then, or safely stored away if there is a period when it’s not in use.

With its warm, pleasant, and relaxing light, you’re sure to sleep soundly, bathed in a warm glow.
The soft light will create a romantic atmosphere and make you feel relaxed and improve your mood.
No matter where it’s placed, its thoughtful details and quality in construction shine through.
Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. It’s a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk.
Salt lamps are a growing phenomenon for good reason. Its lovely glow atop a chic wooden base is beautifully designed. It instantly adds great ambiance anywhere.