Natural Shungite Soap 90 gr / 3 Oz (Treasures of Karelia)




  • Natural Shungite Soap 90 gr / 3 Oz
  • Unique, shungite soap protects the skin from premature aging, retains its elasticity. Soap effectively cleans, removes dead cells, removes irritation, protects the skin from inflammation
  • Organic extracts of Karelian berries cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, cranberries and blueberries, filled with the living energy of nature, stimulate cell renewal, have an active tonic effect;
  • Composition: Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Canolate*, Sodium Olivate*, Sodium Cocoate*, Aqua With Infusions Of Organic Rubus Chamaemorus (Cloudberry) Extract*, Organic Vaccinium Angustifolium (Whortleberry) Fruit Extract*, Organic Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract*, Vaccinium Vitis-idaea (Cowberry) Fruit Extract*, Vaccinium Macrocarpon Fruit Extract (Cranberry)*, Vaccinium Myrtillus Еxtract and Мaltodextrin (Blueberry)*, Parfum, EDTA Na, Citronelol, D- Limonene, CI 12490, ВНТ.
sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, fragrances is free
Natural shungite soap for everyday cleansing of the skin of hands and the whole body. Natural cleansing ingredients based on 5 valuable oils gently cleanse the skin, do not dry it, nourish and enhance its protective properties.
Product advantage: Perfectly selected composition of natural vegetable oils intensively nourishes the skin, improves elasticity and firmness, restores and enhances its protective functions; Karelian shungite provides the skin with protection, has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.