Optivida Health – Nano-Silver SOL Liquid Solution 10PPM – Immune System Booster, Daily Mineral Supplement – Safe for the Entire Family – 96 uses, 16 oz




  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT | Nano-silver solution targets and kills 143 disease-causing microorganisms leading to enhanced immune system functioning.
  • CATALYTIC ACTION | Optivida Silver Solution helps speed up natural processes that have positive effects on the body, boosting your health quickly.
  • WORKS HARD FOR YOU | Ionic and colloidal silver liquids quit working after completing just one function. Nano-particle Optivida Silver is thousands of times more powerful and performs for hours to support a healthy immune system.
  • STRENGTHEN IMMUNITY | Nano-silver breaks through cell membranes to destroy bacteria at the source. High 10PPM concentration solution is clinically proven to kill 143 pathogens.
  • SAFE TO USE MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY | Silver liquid solution can be taken up to three times daily according to the directions. Each 16-ounce bottle contains 96 adult servings.
Silver has been around for thousands of years. It was often used to combat illnesses and support healthy respiration. Optivida’s patented solution of nano-particle silver can safely be used to positively impact health and for immune support. Unlike colloidal silver that is suspended in a liquid, Optivida’s patented nano-particle silver has been proven to support the immune system. It has been studied and patented to ensure safety for adults, children and animals. What is Unique about Nano-Silver? Nano-silver emits a frequency The same frequency as ultraviolet light It is known to purify Silver is Safe There are no negative actions on organs or body systems when digested No negative interactions with other drugs when digested No damage to probiotic systems Safe for adults, children and animals Faster – By using catalytic instead of chemical action, Optivida Silver helps speed up natural processes that have positive effects on the body. Longer – Unlike other silvers that quit working after completing one function, Optivida Silver performs over and over for hours. More Efficient – By resonating at just the right frequency, Optivida Silver disrupts foreign elements without disturbing the body’s natural environment.