Optivida Health – Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges 60PPM – Fast-Acting Cough Drops with Lemon Oil, Organic Honey and Organic Peppermint Oil for Immune Support – 21 Individually Wrapped Pieces




  • FAST-ACTING, SOOTHING | Our Lozenges contain only the highest quality of natural ingredients. Sweetened with organic honey, natural lemon oil and refreshing organic peppermint oil to boost your energy and immune response.
  • PATENTED FORMULA | Made with 60 PPM nano-silver per lozenge, you will get thousands of times more immune support compared with ionic or colloidal silver solutions.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT | Nano-silver solution targets and kills 143 microorganisms leading to enhanced immune system functioning.
  • CATALYTIC ACTION | Optivida Silver Solution helps speed up natural processes that have positive effects on the body, boosting your health quickly.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED | Carry these throat lozenges with you on the go or easily store at home. With individually wrapped cough drops, you will be ready whenever you need a boost to your immune system.
Support your immune system during seasonal changes with Silver Lozenges. Optivida’s proprietary nano-silver formula works faster, longer and more efficiently than colloidal silvers to promote natural healing. Silver has been around for thousands of years. It was often used to combat illnesses and support healthy respiration. Optivida’s patented solution of nano-particle silver can safely be used to positively impact health and for immune support. These patented cough drops have been designed without artificial ingredients. What do you get? Nano-Particle Silver – Supports your immune system Natural Honey – Provides soothing action Peppermint – Cools the affected area, helping to feel energized and refreshed. What is Unique about Nano-Silver? Nano-silver emits a frequency The same frequency as ultraviolet light It is known to purify Silver is Safe There are no negative actions on organs or body systems when digested No negative interactions with other drugs when digested No damage to probiotic systems Safe for adults, children and animals