Orgone Pyramid Security Tower – An OrgoniteType Chembuster – EMF Protection for Home, Apartment, RV



The Orgone Pyramid Security System weighs over 3 lbs., has an 8″ dia. base plate and comes with an information/instruction sheet. Optionally, 6 copper pipes (3/4″ inch pipes, available at most hardware stores) can be inserted into the copper fittings of tower for an energy boost.

Robust and effective chembuster – a well thought out design with carefully chosen components to truly clears one’s living area of harmful EMF.

Base Plate
– quality resin, powdered metals and crystals
– six copper fittings to house 3/4″ copper rods
– wire spiral antennas, crystal granules and energy wheels packed into each of the copper fittings… effectively harnessing the orgone energy generation
– one centralized holographic crystalline pyramid

(powders and granules are the ingredients of choice because they create a smooth flow and powerful generation of orgone energy)
1 – Black Graphite powder has a highly positive coherency (so high that it is literally the stuff that diamonds are made of). Graphite assists in re-arranging unhealthy frequencies in the air into more healthy and life promoting energies.
2 – Copper and Bronze powders are excellent conductors of orgone energy.
3 – Black Shungite is an amazing mineral known for it’s strong purification properties.
4 – Tungsten was chosen for inclusion in the tower due to it’s strong magnetic properties. It assists in regulating and transmuting unhealthy frequencies by pulling in negative frequencies from the environment and pushing out the positive frequencies created by this device.
5 – Quartz Crystal Granules are the programming chips for crystalline harmony – from chaos to calm, from stress to peace, from cloudiness to clarity.

Here’s to your health and a healthy planet!