Orgonite Keychain Pendant, Watermelon Tourmaline, Alleviates pain and Tension



The word “Orgone” comes from Wilhelm Reich who discovered it. Orgone Energy for your car. Helps protect you from EMF radiation from cell phones while in your car. You also have the healing properties of the crystals right next to you while driving to and from work. This device has the following crystals: Watermelon Quartz(Tourmaline) – Helps strengthen the immune system, treat hyperactivity, hysteria, heart disorders, metabolism and endocrine system, alleviate pain, release tension, dyslexia, paranoia, enhance energy, insecurities, attract love. Also Contains: Pearl resin disk FLower of Life, Aluminum shavings, Bail, Swivel Keychain The real crystal stones are cleansed and charged with the earth energy from the sun, plus I personally put the power of intent for love and healing(my spark of life)into each and every one of my pendants. So that each person that gets a device will be helped in some way. The power of intent was first discovered in 1978 in the famous double-slit experiment. The Orgone key chain pendants have a waterproof coating to protect them from being knocked around. Colors may vary due to computer settings. They make great gifts too. * The Pendants are not meant to replace your doctors or Medication.