Pair of 6″ Colloidal Silver Generator Wires 9999 Pure 12 Gauge by LifeForce Devices




  • 9999 pure (99.99% pure) suitable for making colloidal silver
  • Cut to size for many brands of colloidal silver generators
  • A copy of the Certificate of Analysis included with every order
  • Also available from LifeForce Devices in pair of 4″ wires, 12″ 24″, 36″ lengths
Cut to size colloidal silver generator silver wires of 99.99% purity. This purity is essential to minimize trace metal contaminants in colloidal silver. A copy of the Certificate of Analysis verifying this purity is shipped with each order. Ships USPS First Class same day. LifeForce Devices was created to provide quality colloidal silver products at a price making them accessible to everyone. Disclaimer: This silver wire and the product it generates are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Consult your physician. All photographs and written content copyright 2018 LifeForce Devices