Pirates: The Orgone Chronicles, Book Two



The Orgone Chronicles continues…

After their adventures in SCOUTS [Book One of The Orgone Chronicles, and 2011 EPIC eBook Award Finalist] – Challers and Valka are safe, protected aboard the Pirate city-ship known as “Port.” The scars of their ordeal among the Scouts remain, however. Valka is stuck with a hyper-fertile Ovor body, and the only way for them to raise enough money to change her back, is for them to join the Worthies-reality-TV celebrities who are always on camera. In an environment where loyalty is dismissed and betrayal is rewarded, their love suffers its greatest test yet. Meanwhile, on Stakroya Station, their classmate Renedy wrestles with a budding sexuality that does not fit the station’s rigid mold. An intimate night with the man who has been chosen for her does not go well at all. Instead she finds herself attracted to another woman; a relationship the Station can never condone. Through it all, the sinister eyes of the Scouts see all. Freedom, for all involved, must be won again and again.