Pollero Anti Anxiety Men’s Bracelet with Natural Black Lava Stones Healing Hematite Bead Bracelet with Smooth Tiger Eye Stone Beads – Suitable for Rosary Prayer Bracelets and Meditation Bracelets




  • CALMING ANXIETY RELIEF BRACELET – Hematite beads have protective qualities and are effective for absorbing negative energy and grounding you in the Root Chakra so you can stay balanced in any situation. It’s also known as a for anxiety and use in aroma therapy for fears and trauma.
  • GAIN INNER FOCUS and RELAX YOUR MIND – Pollero’s cool bracelets for men can be used as rosary bracelet and also as an aid in meditation helping you achieve greater focus. Hematite beads have similar properties to lava beads in that they are calming and can bring you back to your inner center of your Chakra balance.
  • GENUINE TIGER EYE STONES and REAL HEMATITE METALLIC BEADS – Don’t settle for cheap imitation tiger stones or fake lava beads that peel and chip. We’ve gone through the utmost lengths to source only genuine high quality materials for our bracelets.
  • GIVE the GIFT OF HEALING – Pollero’s beaded bracelets for men make amazing gifts. They are versatile and can be given and worn as yoga jewelry, stress relief bracelets, meditation aids, and are an absolutely appropriate gift for religious ceremonies.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – COMFORTABLE and STYLISH – stretches from 7.5″ to 11″ so it can be worn by anyone. Wear it with a variety of outfits and wardrobes. Looks great with jeans, casual outfits, work clothes, and can be worn discreetly under the cuff too.

Pollero Stress and Anxiety Bracelets with Authentic Hematite and Tiger Stone Beads  

Can be Used to Help for Anxiety 

Feeling stressed out? Anxious about work, health, or relationships? 

Part of the reason we get overwhelmed by these emotions is because we lose our grounding and center. Hematite stones are used in healing a variety of conditions including pain relief, regulating blood flow, and spinal issues. Traditionally it has a very strong earth element to it and so it helps to connect the person wearing it to the Root Chakra – the earth – which is a calm and relaxing vibe. 

Use as an Aid in Meditation and Prayer 

Catholics have traditionally used prayer beads referred to as Rosary beads to keep track of the order of their prayers by using their hands to hold the beads which allowed for intense concentration without concern of losing their place in the prayers. Many other practitioners of meditation and mindfulness are using prayer beads as an effective enhancement for their inner journeys. 

Makes a Heartfelt Gift for Anyone 

Pollero’s Anxiety Bracelet makes a perfect gift for anyone. We make two different sizes for men and women. The men’s bracelet has an elastic band which stretches from 7.5″ to 11″ around so it can fit both small and large wrists. The women’s bracelet measures 6.75″ and stretches up to 10.25″.

Tiger Stones – known as Thankfulness Stones, become mindful and grateful for that which you already have 

Lava Rocks – inhale and exhale while holding each one and feel the difference in your serenity 

Hematite – the oldest mineral known on earth is effecting in grounding and balancing us 

If you have any questions or concerns with your order please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.