Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit With Water Circulated By Air Pump




  • Portable Colloidal Silver Generator. Automatically Circulates The Water
  • Includes two 6″ 10 gauge wires
  • TDS meter to measure silver content
  • Storage zipper bag included with purchase
  • Plug in 9v power adapter with 30v out to electrodes with current limiting
Portable Current Limiting Colloidal Silver Generator.

Constantly Circulates Water During Process

30V DC Out to Electrodes

Includes TDS Meter

Includes Colorful Water Resistant Zipper Bag

Small but powerful portable colloidal silver generator. Built in mini air pump continually moves the water preventing the agglomeration of silver particles into larger molecules. The power is stepped up to 30V to the silver electrodes and limits the amount of current producing the smallest particles.

* Includes 2 – 6 inch pieces of 10 gauge 9999 (99.99%) pure silver wire. Assay report is included. 12 gauge wire will produce many more gallons of colloidal silver than the thinner wires. The unit will accept 10 , 12 , or 14 gauge wire. Connects with easy spring button connector. See photo for differences in wire thicknesses.

* Side panel has ON/OFF switch. Red LCD light to show power is going to the silver electrodes and a DC in jack.

* 30 volts are delivered to the silver electrodes using a 9v DC power adapter.

* Constantly circulates the water. If you purchase a unit that does not stir or circulate the water, you need to almost constantly stir the water.

* Current limiting produces the smallest particles. Once the current reaches a very small level, it will remain there. This prevents current “runaway”. Do not buy a generator without this feature. The slower Colloidal Silver is made, the smaller the particles.

* Produces the recommended 7-10 ppm or higher if you like.


* The Silver Lining CSAir Generator
* TDS Meter so you can see what you have made.
* DC power converter.
* 2 – 6″ 10 gauge silver wires
* Cleaning Pad
* Water resistant zipper pouch

WARRANTY: We have sold thousands of CS generators with little problems. We will replace or repair you unit up to 18 Months from time of purchase.