PP OPOUNT 13 Pieces Healing Crystals Set, Chakra Stones Kit Include Instructions and Wooden Box for Healing and Meditation




  • Abundant crystal kit: Include7 pieces chakra polished stones (red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, black obsidian, amethyst), amethyst cluster, rose quartz, clear quartz point, chakra pendulum, chakra pendant necklace and Chakra bracelet
  • Instructions included: A guidance brochure included to provide the information of your crystal kit and to help every starter to learn about chakra healing
  • Satisfactory gift set: Carefully and beautifully packed in a high quality wooden box with faux-raffia inside to protect the crystals from crash, a velvet bag and a guidance brochure
  • Authentic and valuable: Every stone in your set is from natural mine and they are beautiful and high quality
  • Wide application: Great for meditation, chakra healing, yoga, reiki, spiritual practice, and home decor. Their energies are intended to help your chakras to find a greater sense of harmony and balance within you
PP OPOUNT 13 pieces healing crystals set

7 Pieces Chakra polished stones – Approx 0.6-1.8inch
Amethyst cluster – Approx 2.5-3.5inch
Rose quartz – Approx1.6-2.2inch
Clear quartz point – Approx2-3inch
Chakra pendulum – Length: 1.6inch
Chakra pendant necklace – Length: 2.4inch
Chakra bracelet – Inner diameter: 2.6inch

How to use:
1. Cleanse: Place the crystals in a jar filled with salt water and let them sit or wipe them with a damp piece of cloth, which will clear all the leftover energies from previous sessions
2. Recharge: Put them in direct sunlight for a couple of hours
3. Prepare: Lie down in an area where you will not be disturbed, and put the stones on their proper locations
Root chakra — The region of the perineum
Sacral chakra — The pubic area
Solar plexus chakra — The Solar Plexus (roughly three fingers above the navel)
Heart chakra — The middle of the chest
Throat chakra — The base of the throat
Third eye chakra — The middle of the head, at a level slightly above the center of the eyebrows
Crown chakra — The center of the top of the head;
4. Heal: Take deep, slow, and relaxing breaths. The sessions usually last for about 20 minutes

Package includes:
1 x Red Jasper
1 x Carnelian
1 x Citrine
1 x Green Aventurine
1 x Lapis Lazuli
1 x Black Obsidian
1 x Amethyst
1 x Amethyst Cluster
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Clear Quartz Point
1 x Chakra Pendulum
1 x Chakra Pendant necklace
1 x Chakra Bracelet
1 x Wooden Box
1 x Guidance Brochure
1 x Black Velvet Bag

As natural specimens, crystals slightly vary in shape, size and color