Quantum Hologram Technology: Dr. Reich’s Orgone Accumulator



This is a companion book to my “Dr. Reich’s Cancer Killing Machine”. This book explains in more detail how Dr. Reich’s cancer killing machine – his “Orgone Accumulator” worked and still works today. This book takes a look at Dr. Reich’s early and extensive work with Bion samples or “Bion Radiation” and explains what was actually happening. Dr. Reich’s observations from his book “The Cancer Biopathy” are included in the Appendix. This book then explains in detail what Dr. Reich’s Orgone is and then because of his exposure to Bion radiation over many years, how Dr. Reich made a fundamental mistake. This book shall then explain how Dr. Reich’s Orgone Accumulator works in terms of the Laws of Quantum Holographic Mechanics. My friend and mentor started this book and then set it aside. He is an Engineer. My first degree was a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. My first masters degree was in Bio-Chemical Engineering and my second doctorate was medical pathology. I was aware of my friends early work however I was not aware of the Quantum Holographic nature of the technology that he had discovered and tested. He allowed me to pick up this project and take it to the finish line. I sincerely hope this book will help everyone who wants to understand how Dr. Reich’s Orgone Accumulator works. SJT First Printing September 2019