rockcloud 1 lb Tumbled Polished Stones Gemstone Supplies for Wicca,Reiki,Healing Crystal,Amethyst




  • Quantity:1 lb(About 460 Grams)
  • Size Details(Approx):0.7-1″,Note:Polished of natural stones,each size and color may be little different.
  • High quality smooth,polished crystal stones,can be used for crytal healing,meditation and metaphysical practices.
  • Amethyst:considered the stone of Sobriety,with its ability to stimulate the third eye,crown,and etheric chakras.Amethyst is a stone of choice for psychic openings and intuitive development with a particularly powerful effect in spiritual expansion of oneself.
  • Perfect for Cabbing,Cutting,Lapidary,Jewelry Making,Crafts,Home Decor,Education,and many other purposes limited only by your imagination.
You will receive 1 pound natural polished stones.Most of the stones are natural,some of them have been artificial color enhanced.
Place on an altar or poured into a small offering bowl,can be used as home decoration.
Perfect for Cabbing,Cutting,Lapidary and Reiki Crystal Healing.
Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or health care information.