rockcloud Healing Crystal Natural Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone 2.35″(60mm) Ball Divination Sphere with Wood Stand




  • Size(Approx)2.35″(60mm);Size will vary by +/- 0.25″ due to this being a natural item
  • Includes 1 ball sphere and 1 woodstand: perfect for feng shui or simply for home decor display purposes. Experience the magic and natural beauty of natural crystals in your home.
  • Made of natural quartz crystal.the natural cracks and frosts inside will be normal.Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.
  • Excellent tool for focusing on meditation, contemplation and chakra practices, excellent for getting rid of negative energy and promoting inspiration,joy and delight.
  • Perfect choice for home figurine,play a good decoration for home or office.
Rose Quartz is rose or pink in color. Rose Quartz is used to open energy from your Heart chakra to your upper and lower Chakras. Connecting your Minds energy to your libido. Rose Quartz is used to help increase sexual pleasure and desire in women. Metaphysical implementation. 1. Mental Effects Rose Quartz reduces tension, and induces love. Rose Quartz calms the spirit allowing for closer emotional bonding. Physical Effects Rose Quartz Helps with sexual imbalances and grief caused by sexual abuse. Strengthens the heart and allows energy to flow through the heart chakra properly. Rose Quartz Allows you to open up to your partner and to forgive past transgressions. Rose Quarts is called the “Love Stone” for a reason. Most forget that forgiving is a sign of true love Chakra Alignment : Heart Chakra Elemental Alignment: Water.PS:Since the stone is natural quartz crystal.the cracks and frosts inside will be normal.