SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator (10th Year!) Professional Class Device




  • (0.23 nm) ionic silver / (8.4 nm) colloidal silver (certified)
  • Polarity reversal / 99.99% pure silver (7 gauge) electrodes
  • Creates high “pH” solutions / Fastest production generator
  • 10 PPM & 20 PPM settings / Silent magnetic stirring
  • Automatic shut-off / Comprehensive color user manual
The Colloidal Silver Generator Kit Contents:

 &nbsp- The SilverLungs (pH) Colloidal Silver Generator

 &nbsp- Water Test Meter

 &nbsp- 48V (DC) Wall Power Adapter (100v to 240v)

 &nbsp- 1 Liter Chemistry Flask

 &nbsp- #9 Rubber Stopper

 &nbsp- 99.99% Pure Silver Electrodes

 &nbsp- Magnetic Stirring Bar

 &nbsp- Copper Polisher (cleans the silver electrodes)

 &nbsp- Reducing Agent (converts ionic to colloidal silver)

 &nbsp- Flask Cleaning Brush (proper laboratory grade)

 &nbsp- Step-by-Step User Manual (with in-depth FAQ)

 &nbsp– FREE 3 Year Warranty (not an add-on)

 &nbsp- 30 Day Return Policy

 &nbsp- Toll Free Technical Support

Founded in 2008, SilverLungs is entering its 10th year in business. Through our full decade of industry recognition and success, SilverLungs has clearly provided the most effective, most versatile and easiest to operate colloidal silver generator on the market – so much so – that we have seen many recent attempts to clone the 10 years of our original features, protocols, functions, claims and even our exact design.

SilverLungs offers a FREE 3 year warranty, toll free tech support, 30 day return policy and provides a very informative and resourceful website for learning more!