Smooth-On Metal Powder (Brass Powder)




  • Copper Powder for making cold cast copper elements and creating metal effects;
  • This -325 mesh copper powder is ideal for mixing with Smooth- On resins (such as Smooth- Cast 325);
  • Store and use at (73°F/23°C);
  • Keep powder as dry as possible
“Cold-Casting” is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal powder with a resin and applying the mixture into a mold. The finished casting gives the appearance and weight of solid metal. The metal cold-cast process is faster and much less expensive when compared with foundry casting of molten metal. To make a metal cold-casting, metal powder is mixed into Colormatch resin until the mixture is thick and creamy. The mixture is then “slush-cast” or brushed onto the mold surface until the resin cures. The gel coat is then back-filled with straight resin, resin mixed with metal powder, resin mixed with lead shot or Foam-iT! rigid foam. Smooth-On offers metal powders that can be added to our liquid plastics to create cold cast metal castings.