SS20 Swarovski Rhinestones – Jet Hematite (1 Gross = 144 pieces)




  • Authentic Swarovski Rhinestones
  • Approximately 4.7 millimeters in diameter
  • Each pack contains 1 Gross (144 pieces)
  • XILION Rose cut, designed to give the most refraction and depth
  • Flatback foil plated for better light reflection; Easy to attach to almost any surface
Swarovski Crystal has set the industry standard since 1895. They have been the go-to provider of crystal innovations in the world of fashion because of their quality and brilliance.
Swarovski Elements rhinestones are now easily available for anyone seeking the best for their craft projects. Whether it’s a dance or skating uniform, a dress or accessory, you can use the same rhinestones boutique designers use to give their creations the most sparkle and beauty.
Quantity: 144 rhinestones = 1 gross each rhinestone Approximately 4.7 mm