Sthabt – Resin Silicone Molds for Jewelry Pendant Bezels Casting Mold with Glitter and Flower Decoration DIY Artcraft Project Gift Making Tools Set for Beginners (61pcs)




  • Pendant Making – This set contains 8 different pendant tray, with 2 color and 4 different shape. And the casting mold contains 58 molds allow you to create different cabochons in various sizes.
  • Best for Beginner – This set include mold, decoration accessories and practical tools, enough for beginner to have a better idea about resin jewelry DIY. Now all you need is epoxy resin
  • Colorful and Practical – The decoration set and rings are very essential for resin pendants making, it can also use for making bracelet, necklace and earring phone case etc.
  • Create Your Own – With different molds, you should be able to create your unique jewelry base on your own needs.
  • Perfect Gift for Lovers – A hand made gift always sweetest for lovers, doing this with kids also provide family interactions.
Package includes: 1x Casting Mold with 58 Molds – Contains different sizes of Oval, Heart, Circle Square and Waterdrop Shape. 8x Pendant tray in silver and vintage bronze – Best for making pendant with a frame, usually we add a picture as a background 12x Fine glitter powder – Usually decorate as a background, specially making crystal clear pendants 12x Dry flakes – Can be decorated as a background or main object, work with glitter for better result 50x Eye pins in silver and vintage bronze – Help to turn a resin mold into jewelry. How to Make Resin Jewelry – e-Version Resin Guidelines Will Be Included TIPS: 1. Pour liquid resin mix into the mold slowly to reduce the number of air bubbles. 2. If there is bubbies, use a hair dryer or heat gun roughly 4 inches (10 cm) above the resin for a minute. Any air bubbles trapped inside should rise to the surface and pop. 3. Let the resin sit for 15 minute, allow the resin harden sightly. 4. Carefully place heavy three-dimensional objects on top of the bottom layer using tweezers. 5. The bottom of the mold or bezel will be the front of your piece, so place the items in upside-down. 6. Cover with a final layer of resin, adjust the position of your embellishments with a toothpick if they shift during this time. 7. Add glitter as a background if desired. 8. Use hair dryer to remove the bubbies every time you add a layer.